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Bridget Cotter, Becky Harris, Sophie Erskine, Deborah Galloway, Nicolette Reyes-Pile, Simon Mader, Edward Day,

Peter Ashton, Maya Levi, Alexa Brown, Matt Hill, Elizabeth Cruse, Antoinette Burchill, Hassan Bakshi, Leanne Peck,

Sarah Johns, Nadia Nadif, Sam Grayston, Heidi Smith, Marc Wilson, Jackob Bentsen, Will Voelcker, Rachel Mortimer,

 Andrew Morton, Paniz Sha, Joey Morse, Aisling Green, Louisa Holloway, Lauren Johns, Claire Catherall, Dinah Mullen,

Denny Hilton, Charlotte Dickerson, Jodie Cole, Devin Robinson, Tom Fern, Polly Button, Teifi Emerald, Phillip Sam, Stephanie Osztreicher


The Three Compasses

Crate Brewery


Vortex Jazz Club

Bella Vita

Solche Cicilian

London Fields Brewery

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